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Yoga for Osteoporosis Treatment

Osteoporosis is a condition where bones become less dense and more prone to fractures.  The disease does not have any obvious symptoms. Therefore, many people are not aware of its presence unless they get tested or break a bone.


Exercise is important to help treat osteoporosis. However, the disease limits the number of exercises available because there is a high fracture risk. Therefore, a doctor's go-ahead is very important before engaging in any form of exercise.


Yoga is one of the best exercises for treatment of osteoporosis. A 2009 study in a geriatric rehabilitation journal shows that yoga exercises help increase bone density. 


Moreover, a Harvard Health Publishing study also suggests that yoga helps us gain better coordination, balance, and posture. These benefits protect us from falling and suffering from osteoporosis fractures.


How does Yoga treat Osteoporosis?


Start yoga slowly with a low level of difficulty as you build your strength and endurance and increase the duration and difficulty of your poses. Engage in gentle back bending exercises to strengthen the back. Also work with poses that improve leg strength along with poses for bearing weight in the arms. It helps to have a teacher who understands what osteoporosis is and the limitations it presents to the student.  Divine Journey Yoga is a great place to start.


What Should You Avoid in Yoga for Osteoporosis Treatment?


Your doctor may advise against yoga if the osteoporosis is severe. Moreover, even if you get the doctor’s go ahead, there are a few exercises you should avoid if you have osteoporosis. They include:


  • Crunches and sit-ups which put a lot of stress on the spine.

  • Full-forward bends and full backbends (like wheel).

  • Poses with spinal flexion (rounding).

  • Extreme twists

  • Poses that shift all of the weight to the hands, for example, handstands.

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